Measuring Climate Change Governance

Informed.CityTM Governance is an innovative, award-winning tool that links data analytics with climate change adaptation governance. This tool is used to assess the extent of climate change adaptation governance at the national and state level as well as for local governments, state agencies and the private sector (i.e. TCFD disclosure and government reporting).

To date, the multi-scale governance tool has been used to assess over 330 local governments and 30 state government agencies in Australia. It also has been used to assess the climate change governance of over 20 state-owned corporations. It can compare results through a multi-level governance lens as well as between sectors and organisations.

Organisation Assessment

Informed.CityTM Governance provides a baseline assessment and key metrics for an organisation to understand (and disclose) the extent that climate change is being mainstreamed. This includes:

State/ Regional Government Assessment

Informed.CityTM Governance provides an overview of how all local governments are collectively mainstreaming climate responses and enables insights for policy and other mechanisms (e.g. peer-to-peer learning, training etc). This includes:

National/ Central Government Assessment

Informed.CityTM Governance enables central governments to have a collective insight on performance and opportunities for policy development and other response mechanisms. It provides insights for national and sub-national reporting (e.g. Paris Agreement) and comparisons with international participants. This includes:


Winners of the Climate Adaptation Champions Award 2017-18

In 2018, the Informed.CityTM climate change adaptation governance tool was nationally recognised by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) for its ability to help cities, organisations and businesses respond to the impacts of climate change in a strategic and comprehensive manner.

Innovator of the Year 2020

The Climate Alliance recently presented Informed.CityTM with the Innovator of the Year 2020 award, which was proudly sponsored by Continuity Matters. Informed.CityTM was recognised for their exemplary innovation in the area of managing the opportunities and risks presented by climate change.

ICLEI Oceania Partnership

Informed.City is partnering with ICLEI Oceania to be a catalyst for mainstreaming climate change into city governance. ICLEI Oceania and Informed.City are commencing the partnership with a presentation on governance and climate policy training at the Daring Cities 2020 event.

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