Cities are the conduit of change

We capture data relevant to the urban ecosystem and provide meaningful information to support informed decision-making.

On the edge

Cities are the on the edge of change. They influence it and are affected by it. From climate change through to pandemic, cities need to mainstream change into decision-making. We believe information is the key to antifragility.

No city is an island

Financial networks and supply lines ensure cities do not operate in isolation. Decisions need to be justified and in line with global market and regulatory change. We bring a wealth of data and metrics that can inform corporate and city disclosure.

Do not trust straight lines

Risk or opportunities emerge from nonlinearity. We choose dynamic information over stale reports to help organisations develop future scenarios that reflect reality.

Good governance creates a platform for resilience

It can overpower the rollercoaster of political sway and support robust and consistent decision-making in a rapidly changing world. City governance should be transparent and actively measured.

Evolution over revolution

We take a system view to help understand the evolution of the city. From city governance through to facilitating resilient businesses, we provide information that will help decision-makers to shape the city’s financially sustainable future.

A climate change disclosure platform that enables an organisation to visually disclose their climate change governance, strategy, risk management, metrics and targets, as well as non-financial disclosures. 

An innovative, award-winning tool used to assess the extent of climate change adaptation governance for local governments, State Agencies and other organisations.

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